Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We lost our new cria

I am so sad right now. My beautiful little girl that was born on sunday died yesterday.  It was a really silly injury that she died from.  ON Sunday afternoon I had to go out for an hour. She was fine and was nursing and running around.  I cam back and she was chused in the field. I went to see how she was doing and just check her out. She had some blood on her and I thought maybe her imbelical cord was bleeding. My hand came away wet with blood.  I turned her over and she had a small puncture wound. This was weird as we have nothing she can hurt herself on.  I looked after the wound and wrapped it etc.  She got up and was walking around and trying to nurse. Yesterday I changed the dressing and thought it was wetter then it should be. Called the vet who said no that is fine best to be draining.  She was peeing and nursing so I did not worry (to much)  I was not happy thought with her attitude. It was nto sharp enough. She enver startled at all when I came to check her. I thought maybe she was getting so used to me hovering. I gave her a bottle of goats milk just incase she was not nursing enough. just a couple of ounces so she would get more emergy and be able to nurse more from mom.I called my vet to come out and look at her because I just felt she was not right. You just get a gut feeling.  I went inside for an hour and when I came out she had died. I was heart broken. My vet arived 1/2 hour later.  He was so surprised. Then he looked her over and told me she had not infection. He opened up the wound to look at it. What a surprise. inside that little would she had torn her muscle so he figures she lost more fluid inside. They are so small that losing blood can send them into shock and this is what he thinks happened. You always question yourself and how you could have changed things.  The only thing we can think that happened is she got poked with a branch. We have a pile of vranches in the field from trimming the trees. My Alpacas love to eat the leaves and scratch themselves on the branches. We left them there for their enjoyment. A baby has paper thin skin and I guess she must have wandered into the pile and got hurt. Figures doent it. Her mom is breaking my heart following me around and asking me where he baby is. Everytime I turn around there she is with those big sad eyes looking at me and making a sound  that  is like a question.I love my animals and would never change but it is times like this when I hate doing what I do.

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