Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gates Open Tour

Wow is all I can say about the Gates Open tour. We had an amazing turn out and had between 1500 and 2000 people visit us at the farm. I must say that I am so pleased with the people who came. They were respectful of the animals and the farm. I was pleased to see Adults and kids alike enjoy the animals as much as I do.

We walked through the fields of Alpacas and I let people feed them. Then we went and visited the donkeys and fed them some carrots. We had ducklings hatch on Wednesday so the kids loved to see 3 days old Ducklings.

Then into the Studio we went. Where Stephanie was weaving and Donna was Spinning. What a great way to see how we turn all that Alpaca fleece into Yarn and then into Fabric.
Ian the Bee Man had also brought a Bee Hive for people to see the beeds working on their honey. We will have some of Ians bee hives on the farm next year. We now carry Ians pure honey and honey comb. Plus his wonderful pure bees wax candles.

Then everyone was able to see and feel the luxurious Alpaca products we have. Many Teddy Bears were adopted and are now in new homes :-)

Please enjoy the pictures from the weekend. If you would like to visit Heronview Alpacas please contact Me (Lori) go to our Website Heronview Alpacas

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